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Davianna Griffin, Sophmore at Clark Atlanta University

"School work use to be such a drag for me, it was always so frustrating. My hardest subjects were Math and English. The two subjects became very overwhelming so I knew I needed to find some help. Elite Minds Tutorial Services helped me tremendously.  Elite Minds taught me how to solve mathematical problems easier and faster. The program taught me how to get through and understand how to write different types of English papers. This tutorial service helped me gain confidence in subjects that I never thought I would be able to understand. Thanks to Elite Mind Tutorial Services I am a very successful student in college."





Samel Barrows, 2nd Grader

Hesse Elementary 


"Since starting tutorial, Sammy has made significant measurable improvement, especially in the area of mathematics. He now has the confidence to eagerly take on a task and he challenges himself with reading books above his grade-level. Elite Minds has given him the confidence to tackle the work given him in the classroom as well as out of the classroom. Sammy has even set goals for future endeavors. Sammy readily proclaims he is going to college to become a famous architect. I know this is because Ms. Tracey encourages him to think outside the box and she pushes him to never quit, and to always work to achieve success. With the support and guidance from Elite Minds and my parental guidance, I know that the sky is the limit for Sammy.

Teresa Barrows, Mom 

Donesha Beach

Senior, Beach High School

Chandler Williams, 1st grader
Michelle William 

My journey with Elite Minds started with my daughter Donesha at the age of 9. Ms. Tracey experience and knowledge of all subjects helped Donesha to excel and exceed when encountering the CRCT exam. I am proud to say that Donesha is now a senior with a 3.6 GPA, and ranking in the top 10 percent of her "2016" class at Beach High School; I can honestly say with the dedication and commitment that Ms. Tracy displayed helped Donesha to accomplish these great heights. When my son Jordan began to struggle with Math and Reading it was a no brainer for me to contact Ms. Tracy for her impeccable skills, love, and knowledge for what she does. Thanks Ms. Tracey for the guidance and strengthening of my kids minds to become elite and excel in their education. Dawn Beach “proud parent "

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU for all of the support and hard work you gave me and Chandler last year.  Because of your expertise, love, support, prayers, and ability to make learning fun, Chandler was promoted to 1st Grade.  We COULD NOT have done this without you!  Much love and appreciation for you". 

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