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Upcoming SAT Prep Sessions





SAT Test Registration: TBA

SAT Late Registration: Check 



Group registration $50 per student

Registration Deadline: TBA

All weekly payments are due the week prior to the session. Therefore, when you register, you must pay week  1 as well. The amount due on August 6th is $125.00. 




SAT 2019 Group Sessions (5-6 students) - $25 per hour (per student)

SAT Prep sessions includes Pre and Posttests, practice test, 21 hours of combined content review, test-taking strategies, and effective essay writing


Saturday 12:00 – 3:00 pm EST

Weekly Fees $75 per student

Advance Pay $ 525


Note: Advance pay allows for a $50 discount if the full 21 hours are paid for in advance.  


       Questions? Call Tracey Sapp at 912-509-0889 or 912-332-2595 or email at









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Disclosure: Please note the full amount /weekly amount $575 is due whether your learner attends all sessions.  Each workshop is limited to 5-6 students and missing slots cannot be filled due to absentees. Therefore, full commitment is expected upon registering to take the sessions. Additionally learners whom attend all sessions demonstrate the most academic growth.

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